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Carol Wolfenson is an experienced attorney focusing exclusively on immigration and naturalization law from her office in New York City. She also has a full-service office in New Paltz, NY, providing representation to Hudson Valley individuals, families and businesses in Ulster, Orange, Dutchess and Sullivan counties. Immigration services also available in Wellington, Florida during the winter season.

A person may wish to stay in the United States for a limited period of time for a variety of purposes, such as to:

Engage in trade or investment for longer than a short-term business trip,
Take a tourist trip on a visitor visa and obtain an extension,
Study at a U.S. institution of higher learning (change status to F-1 visa),
Work as a professional or skilled laborer at a U.S. company for a period of months or years,
Live near a U.S. citizen who the immigrating individual plans to marry,
Accept a current employer's transfer to a U.S.-based position within the company,

In many cases, obtaining a nonimmigrant visa is also the first step for a person who ultimately wants to achieve permanent resident status - commonly called a green card - or U.S. citizenship.

Throughout my 30 years as an attorney, I have counseled and represented nonimmigrant visa candidates in all types of circumstances, succeeding in obtaining many family visas and:

  • Visas for Equestrian Professionals.
  • E2 treaty investor visas for foreign nationals of countries having commercial treaties with the United States who are able to invest at least $100,000 in a business with a few employees.
  • E1 treaty trader visas for foreign nationals of countries having commercial treaties with the United States that allow the applicant to engage in trade between the United States and the applicant's country of nationality.
  • F1 visas for students. Many of these applicants plan to attend SUNY-New Paltz, near my Hudson Valley office, but I have also assisted clients attending English language schools and other institutions around the country.
  • H1B Visas for skilled professionals in a range of fields, requiring minimum education equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's degree or higher.
  • K1 visas for fiancĂ©es of US citizens.
  • K3 visas for spouses of US citizens.
  • L1 visas for transferring employees of multinational companies, enabling them to take an intra-company transfer to a position in a U.S. office. Several employers Link to Immigration Law for Employers in the Hudson Valley area count on my services for these and other employment-based immigration needs.
  • R1 visas for religious workers of any faith or denomination, including Christians and Muslims.

E-2 Treaty Investor Visas: U.S. immigration laws and practices have long been complex, and today they are also changing rapidly. A successful lawyer in the immigration field must be knowledgeable about legal history and longstanding processes, but also be highly aware of how things get done for employers today. When I see a need to document specialized business skills or interpret company finances, I consult with co-counsel who concentrates on business law and accounting, taking every step to ensure the success of your work visa applications. I have been associated with Jeffrey Ray Cohen, Esq., of North Miami Beach, Florida, for the past 30 years. Jeffrey is a CPA and attorney admitted to practice in both New York and Florida, and maintains his offices at 297 Sunny Isles Blvd., North Miami Beach, Florida, 33160. He can be contacted at (305) 940-1985.

For personal attention to your nonimmigrant visa needs, informed by outstanding commitment and experience, please contact my office.

Nonimmigrant Visas

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